Cricket Tasmania Chief Executive Nick Cummins says Tasmania’s loss to Western Australia in the opening Sheffield Shield match of the season is not ideal but is not a reason to panic.

Speaking to media at Blundstone Arena today, Cummins said Tasmanian cricket was still going through a transition period and changing mindsets was not an overnight process.

“When you go through a period of transformation you occasionally hit potholes and it can be a bit deflating when you feel like you’re not making progress,” he said.

“It’s really about building a culture of accountability and performance, dispelling the idea that near enough is good enough.

“That’s something that Adam Griffith is red-hot on and as we get into the season we’re starting to get an assessment of where we’re at, and at the moment that’s the problem we need to attend to.”

Cummins said making changes to the side which was beaten by 301 runs at the WACA Ground yesterday was not necessarily the solution to ensuring long-term results improve.

“I think it’s a little bit deeper than making changes to the playing XI for the next game, it’s spending the time over the season to look at who has got the hunger to play at this level and to perform consistently,” he said.

“Adam understands as well as I do that this is a thousand-day journey and we’re only 100-200 days into that journey and it’s going to take some time to deliver the consistency of results we expect.”

Cummins also addressed public criticism that nothing had changed at Cricket Tasmania since the Mike Hussey Review earlier this year.

“The reality is that winning is a habit and it’s something that needs to be developed. It’s not going to be a simple and I know there are some members and fans who think that things should just turn around after the Mike Hussey Review, but it’s not that simple,” he said.

“We’re changing the way an elite team has played for a number of years and so we need to support Adam and George in bringing the guys along.

“It’s not always going to go your way and it’s not always going to be your day, so it’s really important that when things don’t go your way we acknowledge it.”

Tasmania's next Sheffield Shield fixture is against Queensland at Blundstone Arena, starting this Saturday at 10.30am.