Tigers Head Coach Adam Griffith straight after qualifying for the Sheffield Shield Grand Final vs QLD after Tasmania defeated Victoria within 3 days by 156 runs at Blundstone Arena in Hobart (16/3/18):

How are you feeling right now?

It hasn’t really sunk in to be honest, you get so caught up in the game and what you need to do to win and with everything that goes into preparing and playing, and it sort of takes it out of you mentally throughout.

So you don’t really get a chance to think about it too much. I will probably have a beer in the change rooms and start to look back at the game. But all of a sudden as the coach, you start to think about: Okay – what do I have to do for next week, and how do we prepare, and how do we give ourselves the best opportunity to win the Shield this week.

We’ve got as good a chance as any now to win the Shield when we head up to Queensland and we are in the game with every chance to win it. The Bulls are a really good side and it’s going to be a tough ask, but we will go up with our set plans and our same mindset that we’ve had all season and see how we go.

How did you feel about Victorian skipper Aaron Finch winning the toss then sending your guys into bat?

We’ve been sent in a bit this season on this wicket here (at Blundstone Arena) and it seems to have worked pretty well for us. Yeah our batting group have been outstanding for us in the first innings and that’s what has set up the last three or four wins here at home.

It’s being able to get those runs on the board early and we’ve seen as the game progresses and as bowling attacks get used to bowling on this wicket, how it can be quite tough to get through certain spells throughout the game.

So our batting group were unbelievable, and again our bowling group set the tone with the ball during Victoria’s first innings then got the job done again today.

Your views on Andrew Fekete taking 10 wickets for the match?

I’ve always rated him really highly even though I wasn’t here for the last few years, and he was close to playing for Australia at one stage there.

He’s been bowling quite well for the last month I reckon and this match was his turn – and that’s probably been the beauty of our bowling group.

It’s always someone’s turn and the other guys work really hard to back that person up – whoever that is – and for this game it was Fek’s turn. And who knows who it will be for the next game.

But he’s been outstanding swinging the ball consistently and bowling in good areas.

And what about all-rounder Tom Rogers’ second innings of 80?

This morning (on Day 3) I said to the boys: We’re 4 for 230 or 240 or whatever we were, but the game can still get away from you at times. But Tom Rogers’ 80 was as good a knock as you’re going to see in a pressure situation.

I was really disappointed for him that he didn’t get that hundred that he probably deserved, but it set the game up for us and changed the momentum.

And you could see that our boys really started to relax when Tom was really scoring runs out in the middle today.

And bowling-wise, we’ve used Tom a lot to ‘rough up tails’ as he’s that explosive option that can bounce blokes out with his extra pace.

Why didn’t you make the Bushrangers follow-on after their low first innings score?

In this game we got close to the decision to make Victoria follow-on, but in this situation you can almost bat teams out of the game.

So we wanted to give our bowling group bit more of a rest as well to get them up for today and the chance to win the game. If we had’ve knocked them over a bit cheaper we would have looked at it more maybe. But when you get closer like that, we felt to bat again was the best option.

So what now in the lead-up to the Shield Final?

Normally I’m really big on sending our guys back to Grade Cricket and I’ve been really big on that all year between Shield games.

But it’s quite a big game for us this week so we’ll assess that and see who’s where and doing what and make some decisions on that then.

The QLD Bulls vs TAS Tigers Sheffield Shield Final: THIS Friday 23 - Tuesday 27 March will be live streamed via www.cricket.com.au