The Tasmanian Cricket League (TCL) Executive Committee have been awarded this honour for their consistent use of Zoom throughout the 2020-21 season to facilitate Committee meetings, which is a great example of saving volunteer time and using technology to their advantage.

The TCL Committee initially began utilising Zoom for meetings out of necessity during the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, but throughout the season have continued to consistently use the platform, to hold meetings at short notice for topics that need prompt action, as well as in some cases using it in place of its regular monthly meetings at a central location in Launceston. With the Committee members spread all over the Northern Region, there is significant time investment required by the Committee members to attend meetings.

In total, the TCL Committee held seven meetings via Zoom, saving an total of six to seven hours per meeting when bringing into account the travel time of all the Committee members and Cricket Tasmania representatives, totalling to over 40 hours saved throughout the season!

This initiative by the TCL Committee is a great example of the role technology can play in saving volunteers’ time and the Committee plan to continue to use this platform in the off-season and leading into the 2021/22 season.