Despite bowling the Blues out for just 64 in the first innings, the Tigers unfortunately couldn’t get the job done.

“The mood was ok,” Vaughan said of the Tigers’ changeroom yesterday afternoon. “We were incredibly disappointed, particularly after Day 1 - playing so well, bowling so well in that first session - to let a really good opportunity slip after playing some really good cricket the four weeks we have been here.”

“[In]our two previous games we had driven the game really well and just couldn’t get that final breakthrough against South Australia, and then we played really well against WA, and just the last few runs or the last hundred runs seemed like more of a task, but to be well in front of the game against NSW was incredibly disappointing for the boys.  But we reflected on it last night and had a good chat about our entire time in Adelaide, and there’s a lot of positives to take out of it.  Certainly, post the Big Bash period we’re looking forward to getting home and playing four games in our conditions, and hopefully we can get our season rolling.”

Besides the obvious disappointment of not being able to back up the excellent cricket demonstrated early on Day 1 over the remaining three days of the match, Vaughan said there wasn’t any sense of shame or embarrassment from his team following yesterday’s result.

“They’re [NSW] a very good team…a very mature team and a team full of some wonderful players… Whilst it was a good result early on Day 1, we knew that we were in for a long game ahead.  We were disappointed from Day 2 onwards – we didn’t make the most of the position that we set ourselves up in early on Day 1; we lost a couple of wickers late on Day 1 and then got bowled out poorly on Day 2, but still had a sizable lead in the game, and then we dropped a few catches in the second innings which leaked some extra runs, and then we weren’t able to get the chase away yesterday.”

Although not being able to match NSW’s second innings performance with the bat, Vaughan said there was still plenty to like of his side’s performance in the middle throughout their time in Adelaide.

“Ben McDermott was really consistent over the four games, with a 50, a 75 and a couple of 90s…we had some good individual performances.

“Probably the big thing that we spoke about last night was the lack of a big hundred-maker.  We had three centuries made in Adelaide, [and] we had some players face a fair tally of balls, but we didn’t have someone make a big 150+ score… We’ve seen the Victorian team have multiple guys make double hundreds and that certainly was part of the reason why we weren’t able to have the ultimate success here. That’s something that we need to be better at in these type of conditions, that when there are 600+ runs required for the game, we have a batter go on and make those big 150 [or] 170 scores that other players do to us.”

The end of yesterday’s Round 4 Sheffield Shield fixture signifies the end of domestic red ball cricket until early in the new year, and whilst no further scheduling or venue arrangements have been finalised, the Tigers are hopeful of getting some home matches in Tasmania.

“We go home this afternoon,” Vaughan continued, “and we’ll be in training, making the switch from red ball to white ball...  We’ve got players involved in Hurricanes preparations, as well as some other [BBL] franchises around the country, so we will make the switch now to white ball and continue the development of our players, and hopefully get them ready for the Big Bash ahead.”

Having now played four matches, with the results of two draws and two losses, the Tigers now sit fourth on the Sheffield Shield standings, behind Queensland, NSW and Western Australia.

“It’s really tight, and it’s probably winding back the clock a little bit to Shield cricket from 20 years or so ago, when there’s a lot more draws and a lot more grinding-type cricket on flatter wickets, so it’s a bit of retro cricket that we’ve played the last four or five weeks here, but the good part about that is that the ladder is very bunched and no one’s really got out too far away at the moment, so two wins in any conditions gets us right back up there.”