The Southern Cricket Association is holding its Women's Gala Day this Sunday at Cadbury Oval in Claremont with Twenty20 fixtures throughout the day.

Cricket clubs from Brighton, Montague Bay, New Norfolk, St. Annes, Wellington and Sorell will all feature at the event designed to introduce women to the game of cricket without the commitment of playing every weekend. 

The competition is aimed at those with entry level skills and players wishing to develop their skill set.

Players participating in the SCA Women's competition will take the first steps towards an inclusive, vibrant and structured pathway into community cricket and it is hoped that the competition will grow in line with feedback driven by our players and officials.

The competition will run from 9am - 4pm with the rules designed to maximise participation for all involved, such as: 

Pitch 18.0 Metres 
Boundary 40m - 45m 
Ball Kookaburra Practice 142g (2 Piece) 
Overs 20 overs per team (bowled from one end) and maximum of 6 balls per over
Players 7 fielders at one time (maximum of 9 batters and 9 bowlers) 
Dismissals: Unlimited dismissals. When batters are dismissed, they simply change ends. Bowling teams can be rewarded with runs/wickets. 
Retirements: Batters to retire after 17 balls faced (including wides/no-balls)  
Bowlers Minimum of 5 bowlers must be used. 
Duration 2 hours per match (1 hour per innings) 

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch with the Southern Cricket Association here.