Cricket Tasmania is pleased to announce the signing of Rachel Priest with the Tasmanian Tigers for the 2020/21 season.

Priest was formerly contracted with the New Zealand National Team but made the decision to retire from International cricket after not receiving a contract for the coming season.

The wicketkeeper-batsman is a clean hitter and will add great depth to the squad with her many years of international experience. 

We caught up with Priest to see how her move to Tasmania came about.

“I got the call from Salliann to say that they were looking to add some experience to the squad which was a call that I wasn’t really expecting,” she said.

“It’s an awesome opportunity and I’m keen to added that experience and learn from a new group of people.”

Priest talked of how she felt that she still had a lot to offer and wanted to get back into playing cricket at a domestic level.

“This competition is probably the best domestic competition in the world, so it’s something that I always wanted to pursue.”

“It’s a very exciting opportunity and I’m thankful that Sal had me on her radar as someone to play the entire season, which is what I want to focus on, and I’m look forward to.” 

Priest discussed the idea that women in cricket get better and better with age.

“We don’t tend to play as many games as the boys and men growing up, so it might take a while to know your own game and know what you can actually give to the team.

“I’m in a position where I’ve played a fair amount of cricket at the age that I’m at around the world, so I’m certainly hoping to add some of that experience and bring a bit of the mongrel that Sal spoke to me about.”

Priest has a reputation for playing hard on the field but wants to prove that she can be a consistently great performing member of the team.

“Experience is massive but it’s also about trying to bring a positive belief into the team, where the girls can be whoever they want to be and back themselves when they perform.”