Cricket Tasmania welcomes today’s announcement by the Tasmanian Government to provide $10 million into sports infrastructure funding.
The Improving the Playing Field grants will create a step-change in the quality of sports facilities around the state. There a number of cricket projects in Tasmania that are advanced in their planning and are shovel ready.
The vast majority of sports infrastructure in Tasmania is owned by local government authorities, but in many cases the burden of facility improvements sits with clubs and associations.
Cricket Tasmania Chief Executive Dominic Baker commended the Government on providing this funding.
“It is fantastic that the Premier and Sports Minister have shown great initiative with this funding”, said Baker. “Sport across the state has been suffering through 2020, and as restrictions begin to lift it will be great to get some facility projects underway as well as providing stimulus to the construction industry.”
“Cricket Tasmania, along with the Australian Cricketers’ Association and Cricket Australia, provide nearly $200,000 in infrastructure funding for cricket projects in Tasmania each year, and this support from the State Government will make a significant difference in the number of projects we are able to get off the ground.”

Cricket Tasmania will work with clubs and associations once the funding guidelines are released.