In response to the latest claims from Ms Angela Williamson a Cricket Australia spokesperson said:

We have chosen to withhold comment in the media concerning this issue to date out of respect for Angela and the legal process.

However, these recent allegations cannot go unchallenged.

Angela’s statement of claim is her version of events, a version we dispute.

We refute any suggestion of any government interference in Angela’s dismissal.

Cricket Tasmania CEO, Nick Cummins, refutes Angela’s allegations that have been reported in the media.

The cessation of Angela’s employment is not because of her personal views, free speech, political speech or government interference.

We reaffirm the necessity to administer social media policy while respecting people’s rights to publish personal views.

We stand firm that Angela neglected key requirements of her role as Government Relations Manager to facilitate a strong relationship with the Tasmanian Government.

While this is a difficult matter with many aspects and layers, it’s important that in our leadership of cricket in this country, we continue to be guided and influenced by our values.

Our values focus heavily on demonstrating appropriate behaviours and showing respect to members and stakeholders of our diverse community all the time.

As a demonstration of our support to employees' personal views, Cricket Australia has provided training to numerous employees, including Angela, to help balance the requirement between their position and personal views.

Since becoming aware of Angela’s tweets, a series of previous tweets and posts were identified as a demonstration of clear breach of Cricket Australia’s Social Media Policy.

In the absence of being able to agree a resolution with Angela, we will continue to follow the legal process she has initiated.