Over the past 12 months Australian cricket has been working hard to identify savings that can be redirected into growing grassroots cricket.

In line with Australian Cricket’s strategy to grow grassroots cricket, Cricket Australia is substantially lifting investment in Tasmanian Community Cricket over the next three years.

This is a tremendous boost to cricket in this State and would not have happened had Australian cricket, and Cricket Australia in particular, not identified ways to significantly reduce expenditure at administration level to return those savings to the field.

Ben Smith, our General Manager – Community Cricket, and the Community Cricket team in the North have been tasked to manage these funds by targeting six key areas:

1. An additional $20,000 into the Tasmania Facilities Fund enabling up to $120,000 of investment into local cricket facilities. This will almost double the number of community-based facility projects we can fund with the support of the Federal and State governments, local councils, schools and clubs.

2. A new financial model for Woolworths Cricket Blast that will incentivise and reward clubs to run the program through direct financial benefit.

3. Continued investment to assist clubs and associations initiate and grow ‘girls only’ competitions and teams.

4. Management support for cricket clubs to ensure they are sustainable and ultimately thrive in their local community.

5. Ongoing provision of free community coaching courses representing a $500,000 investment nationally, reflecting the importance of the role that coaches play in developing great experiences for players.

6. A re-direction of investment in technology, targeting volunteer support products such as MyCricket and the Live Scoring App aimed at reducing the administrative burden on Community Cricket representatives and providing new and efficient ways of working.

It’s a great step forward in growing the game at the community level and represents the beginning of further investment.

In addition to the commitments outlined above, Australia’s players along with the Australian Cricketers’ Association and Cricket Australia, are working on a further game-changing financial contribution to the game at the community level.

We will keep you informed of its progress.

It’s an exciting time for Community Cricket in Tasmania as we work hard to deliver against Australian Cricket’s five-year strategy.


Nick Cummins

Chief Executive
Cricket Tasmania