Kelly has been on the committee and played women’s cricket at New Norfolk Cricket Club (NNCC) for a few years now, and during this time Kelly has been adamant that the NNCC should have an U15 girls’ side for season 2020-21 – and she just about single-handedly got a team up and running.

Kelly went into local schools to gain interest and recruit players for the team. She then completed her Community Coach course in September and has upskilled herself in various facets of coaching at every opportunity. Her desire to improve her team while creating a fun, inclusive environment is evident in the way Kelly coaches.

Throughout the season, the New Norfolk U15 girls’ have - under Kelly’s guidance - played with great spirit, winning half their games, and showing huge improvement throughout the season, whilst - most importantly - having a great time while doing so. Some girls from her team also played in the club’s senior women’s team and performed very well, showing how the hard work Kelly has put in as coach is reaping rewards already.

Kelly is a passionate member of the NNCC and thoroughly deserves to be recognised – congratulations Kelly!