Together with Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association, Cricket Tasmania has provided over $150,000 to nine projects around Tasmania.

Brighton Council

Refurbishment of Lennox Park, Old Beach

Burnie Council

Refurbishment of Acton Recreation Ground, Burnie

Cricket North

Refurbishment of NTCA turf nets

Kettering Cricket Club

Refurbishment of Kettering Oval

North Hobart Cricket Club

Renovation of TCA indoor facility

Spreyton Cricket Club

Refurbishment of Maidstone Park, Spreyton

South Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club

Relocation and renovation of training facilities

Turners Beach Cricket Club

Refurbishment of training facilities

Ulverstone Cricket Club

Refurbishment of UCI Oval, Ulverstone


Cricket Tasmania CEO, Dominic Baker, said that grant opportunities such as those provided but the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund, were essential to ensure the continual growth of participation in cricket across Tasmania.

“For our sport facilities absolutely vital, and one of the things we’re finding as a cricket organisation is that participation is started to be capped by the quality and number of facilities, so to be able to put something back into grassroots cricket to ensure that we continue to give players a wonderful experience but also to grow the game I think is vitally important.” 

The renovation of the TCA indoor facility at the North Hobart Cricket Club is just one of the projects that has been successful in securing funding for refurbishment.

“The TCA - which is historic for Tasmanian cricket as well - so to be able to put something back into an organisation up here, a facility up here that’s been a servant to cricket for such a long time is also a wonderful opportunity,” Baker continued.

North Hobart Cricket Club President, Jill Taylor, added the benefit of the funding for not only her club, but the wider cricketing community.

“The grant is huge, not only for the North Hobart Cricket Club but for community cricket.  We have 27 teams that come and use the centre pre cricket season, the range from Orford through to Gretna and down to Longley, so it’s actually…more important for the community than [just] for North Hobart Cricket Club, we just happen to manage it.”

Australian Cricket remains committed to investing in cricket infrastructure in the state and will be relaunching the next round of the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund in the coming weeks.

Cricket Tasmania also congratulates recipients of the Tasmanian Government’s Improving the Playing Field Large Grants, and specifically the Kettering Cricket Club, Kingborough District Cricket Club, North Hobart Cricket Club and Cricket North.

The Tasmanian Government’s support of sport infrastructure has grown significantly through the support of the Department of Communities, the Minister for Sport and Recreation and the Premier.