Cricket Australia has released the 2019-20 Australian Cricket Census; the annual audit of national cricket participation.
The Cricket Australia media release is available here for background, metrics and methodology.
The Tasmania data demonstrates a tipping point in overall participation with a 10.5% increase in registered players (20,690) following three years of decline. Registered players includes club cricket, indoor cricket, organised school competitions and non-club cricket competitions – that is people who played games of social or competition cricket in Tasmania.
The number of female participants also grew by 16% to 3,592 players demonstrating the combined efforts of volunteers, clubs, associations, Cricket Tasmania, local councils and the State Government to promote female participation over recent years.
Overall club cricket participation also grew in the state, with junior leagues increasing by 13% (5,592) and senior leagues growing by 4.6% (8,373).
Cricket Tasmania Chief Executive, Dominic Baker, highlighted the important role volunteers around the state played in reaching these numbers.
“Volunteers are the backbone of community sport right across the country”, said Baker. “The time and effort that is put in to growing our cricket clubs is first class and has delivered the growth that we’ve seen over the summer.”
“I’m particularly pleased at the increase in women and girls playing cricket. Following the release of the review into the women’s Premier League Competition this week we know that improving the experience for females playing the sport is key to this number growing even further.”
“The work that the Tasmanian Government has done in recent years to make more facilities female friendly through the Levelling the Playing Field program has been a game changer for women’s sport, and their contribution can’t go unacknowledged.”
“The issue we do face though is the actual number of facilities. Competitions are played on most weeknights and all weekend which puts our existing grounds at capacity.”
“From what we’re hearing we expect the upcoming season to have more players and teams than ever as people search for a social and active outlet following the year we’ve had.”