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COVID-19 Return to Play

Cricket Tasmania in line with State Government advice provides COVID-19 Return to Play Guidelines and Resources, including a Return to Play Process Plan for clubs and Associations.

Included in the resources are protocols to support cricket training and games, supported by relevant checklists to ensure clubs and associations can implement effective COVID-19 safety practices.

Our advice regarding COVID-19 safety:

  1. When preparing for a new season or competition, it is strongly recommended that Clubs and Associations liaise with local council before completing a COVID-19 Safety plan using the Cricket Tasmania template provided.
  2. It is also strongly recommended that Clubs and Associations elect a COVID-19 Safety Officer to be responsible for the implementation of safety practices at training and games during the season. Cricket Tasmania have formed a position description for this role.
  3. The COVID-19 Safety Officer as well as volunteers and coaches are also encouraged to complete training on this subject, available here.

Please note that all information in this webpage and documents provided is subject to Tasmanian State Government advice. Please ensure you visit for up to date, general information.


If you wish for further information or assistance in implementing Cricket Tasmania guidelines and resources, please refer to the Return to Play Process Plan for Clubs and Associations.


Guidelines and Resources Click Below:


As of 1 May 2021 the free Check In TAS App must be used for contract tracing.

Contact tracing is mandatory for sport and recreation training, events, competition and any other gatherings longer than 15 minutes. All people aged 16 years and over, including staff and volunteers, are required to check in using the App.

What does this mean for sport and recreation organisations?

  • Organisations who are using pen and paper or a different contact tracing app for contact tracing must use the Check in TAS App from 1 May 2021.
  • Facility operators should register their facility or venue at to receive a Check in TAS QR code.
  • Users (clubs, roster and event organisers) using facilities should contact the venue or facility to ensure it is registered and check if they can use the QR Code. If no venue QR Code is available they will need to register at for an event QR Code.

What does this mean for individuals?

  • All members, staff, volunteers, participants, spectators, and visitors should download the free Check in TAS App onto their phones from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • If a person doesn’t have a phone or is unable to use one, others can check in for them.

For more information visit:

If you have further questions, you can also contact the Sport and Recreation team at