Cricket Tasmania CEO Nick Cummins said he believes Tasmanian women and girls deserve safe, welcoming and inclusive sporting facilities.

“There are 13,508 female participants in cricket across Tasmania, almost one-third of our total playing population. This is a 26% increase on the last season, with our girls and women playing formats including Milo T20 Blast School Cups and in Tasmania’s 60 female club cricket teams right through to our elite female players. 

“With the explosion of female participation in cricket over recent years, the demand for female friendly facilities is greater than at any point in cricket’s history.

“To sustain the participation growth, women and girls need to have access to the same provision of facilities that boys and men do.”

Tasmanian Roar and Hurricanes WBBL Head Coach Julia Price said that commitments to female friendly facilities are a priority for maintaining the high Tasmanian participation numbers. 

“An investment into female friendly facilities will allow women and girls to feel part of their clubs by providing them with a safe and inclusive environment to participate in cricket," she said.

Cricket Tasmania CEO Nick Cummins also acknowledged State Labor’s commitment to invest in improving the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

“We know that regular participation in organised sport provides significant benefits from both a physical and mental health perspective and therefore it is imperative that Tasmanians continue to play sport as a key preventative health measure.

“With 43,000 cricket participants in Tasmania, our sport is well placed to help build a happier, healthier and more inclusive community, " Mr Cummins said.