Cricket Tasmania Game and Market Development General Manager Ben Smith said concepts to support volunteers in regional associations and redirect their focus to their club’s operations have been in discussion for some time.

“This concept is being piloted across the country and we’re looking to strike the right balance with the clubs and their volunteers.

“Essentially we want our valuable volunteers to be focusing their efforts on building vibrant, sustainable and inclusive clubs ensuring the health of the game for generations to come.

“While Cricket Tasmania will continue to manage workloads involved with scheduling and ground bookings, it will mean administration volunteers will be free to undertake more rewarding tasks,” he said.

The Kookaburra Southern Cricket Association is Tasmania’s largest hard wicket cricket competition and the volunteer committee of management is experiencing increasing demands of a growing competition that is showing no signs of slowing down.

Southern Cricket Association President and club volunteer, Steve Burk, said he is pleased with the recent growth that’s led to eight grades of eight teams.

“We’re all heavily involved in our own clubs as well, and the extra workload with the association responsibilities places a significant strain on our volunteers, coupled with numerous requests from clubs looking to join the competition.

“We see this model as an excellent opportunity and partnership with Cricket Tasmania as the administrative tasks will be covered professionally and our volunteers will be able to focus on their own club’s development along with the overall development of the competition,” Mr Burk said.

Mr Smith emphasised that this approach will underpin better planning and better support for clubs and their competitions.

“We also believe there’s some efficiencies to be found coordinating several competitions out of one office - essentially we’re completing the same tasks but covering more teams in one go.

If we can free up volunteers’ time to focus on the enjoyable components of running a club and engaging with club members and the local community, then that will help our clubs out in the long term,” he said.

The agreement is confirmed for one year at this stage, but if successful has the potential to be extended and possibly expanded into the future, with Cricket Tasmania committing to closely monitor progress with a view to gaining clarity regarding roles and workloads in general.

Competition administration systems such as MyCricket and MyCricket Live Scoring are designed to minimise double handling and streamline administrative tasks, freeing up volunteer time for fundraising, social events, coaching, selection and development.